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COTV imageWhat is Check Out This Video?

It's a mini film festival featuring YOU!

We're looking for short, fun, informative, and engaging videos, produced by USU students. So make a video, upload it to YouTube, and then submit it. The top videos from each category, along with one overall winner, will be shown on the big screen on March 22nd, and winners will receive cash prizes!

Details are below, but if you've got questions, tweet us at @COTVUSU!

Here's what to do:

- Make a video that falls into one of the categories listed below.
- Your video should be roughly 2-3 minutes long. Anything over 4 minutes will be disqualified.
- You'll need to caption your video (all great videos are accessible these days!)  If you don't know how to do this, here's a helpful tutorial! []
- Upload your video to YouTube
- Fill out the submission form located at

Submissions must be received by February 1st!


Your video may fall into more than one category. You may end up with a hilarious short film that informs and persuades your viewers about a particular issue, so you'll need to choose one category in which to submit your creation. Choose wisely--in which category do you think your video will best fit?

- Humor (it's funny)
- Hobbies (it's about music, sports, dance, art, gaming, etc.)
- Documentary (it's informative or persuasive about issues)
- Open (anything goes!)


- You must be a USU student at the time of submission.
- You must have produced the video in the last 12 months (it can be for a class or just for fun).
- The video must not violate Fair Use policy (no more than 10% copyrighted material). YouTube may alter your video if you have too much copyrighted material in it!
- The video must be closed-captioned and no longer than 4:00 minutes.
- You can submit up to two videos, though there will be only one prize per participant
- Video creators are responsible for all content.