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Why Give?

The College of Humanities and Social Sciences is built upon a foundation of excellence. Our faculty members are recognized for world-class teaching and leadership, and our students engage in research and service learning that will help change the world. However, without the generosity of others we simply would not be who we are today.  

State budgets continue to recover from the global economic downturn. Without additional support, we cannot sustain the traditional high-level research, teaching, and learning opportunities USU students deserve and have come to expect.  

Many students do not realize that tuition does not cover the full cost of operating the college and university. It doesn’t even cover half. State funding doesn’t either. The difference is made by private donors who believe in USU’s mission and support it through gifts for scholarships, professorships, and programs. They help USU retain quality faculty members, recruit top students, and continue its tradition of excellence.  

Please consider giving to CHaSS if you:

  • Received a scholarship or fellowship
  • Participated in a student club or sport
  • Had a teacher who made you feel valued, who made you feel capable of making a difference
  • Were subsidized to present your research at a conference
  • Feel you benefited from your education at USU

Make a Gift

The Campaign for USU

The university launched its first comprehensive fundraising campaign in 2007, focused on garnering support for scholarships, professorships, and facilities across the university. At its close in 2012, the effort raised more than half a billion dollars to help ensure Utah State remains accessible for all who come to learn. Donations to the CHaSS Summer Drive will make a lasting difference in the successes of our faculty and students, and in the future of the college and university. However, not all of the department's funding needs were met during this historic campaign. We continue to seek support for people and programming that service the public through learning, discovery, and engagement . We invite you to join us.   

English Department Priorities

Moyle Q. Rice Lectureship

“He could reach all kinds of students—the skeptic and the spiritually enlightened, the self-styled intellectual from prep school who had read Proust and the naive kid from the farm whose parents didn’t read anything but the mail. The kind of magic Moyle performed in the classroom can’t be explained or analyzed, simulated or, unfortunately, taught. It simply happens when a truly gifted teacher gets the opportunity to do what he loves most: join young minds in probing the eternal and unanswerable questions of the universe.” — Roberta Stearman

Moyle Q. Rice worked as an English professor for 45 years at USU before retiring in 1982. He was widely known for his brilliant teaching, his penetrating mind, and his wicked sense of humor. The department has created an endowment to fund a Moyle Q. Rice Lectureship. Named for one of USU’s most influential and honored teachers of writing, this annual lecture series will celebrate the art of writing itself, regardless of the form used or the disciplinary content involved. We seek individual private donations to develop an endowment of $100,000 that would enable us to bring to campus each year one of the world’s most outstanding writers of poetry, fiction, or nonfiction for a week of lectures and workshops, providing important cultural enrichment for students, faculty, and the community. It will be an annual celebration unique in the history of the arts and humanities on the USU campus and will keep alive something of the spirit of inquiry and celebration that marked Moyle’s teaching. We invite all alumni and friends to become a part of this endowment effort. Moyle’s teaching touched—and changed—many lives, and we appeal to all those who share the values he embodied to contribute to this endowment. You may donate online through the Development Office at If you would like to talk with a development officer about your donation, please call Linda Morse, Director of External Relations for the Department of English, at (435) 797-0261. 

Kenneth W. Brewer Creative Writing Award

Kenneth W. Brewer was a distinguished faculty member at USU who used his poetry and reputation to bring comfort and peace to those experiencing a terminal illness, as well as to their loved ones and caregivers. He died in 2006 from pancreatic cancer. Ken was a member of the USU faculty from 1968 to 2000 where he pioneered the teaching of creative writing online.  Although he was an award-winning teacher, Ken is most known and respected for his poetry. During his career he published well over 300 poems, essays, and reviews, including 14 books of poetry.

In recognition of the substance and quality of his work—as well as his advocacy of the humanities—Governor Michael Leavitt named him the state’s Poet Laureate in 2003, a post in which Ken was serving at the time of his death. Ken said this appointment was the peak of his career, and he devoted himself to making poetry more widely appreciated and accessible across the state. Some of his finest poetry was written during his courageously honest and open battle with cancer. When he was featured on CBS Evening News, he received appreciative responses from across the country for his compassion and understanding of what this illness means. We invite you to honor his contributions to teaching and writing by contributing to the Kenneth W. Brewer Creative Writing Award. Gifts can be made to the Utah State University English Department. Send checks to: Department of English, 3200 Old Main Hill, Utah State University, Logan UT 84322-3200. Please be sure to note "Ken Brewer" on the check. Utah State University employees may set up a payroll deduction for ongoing contributions. To ask about other options for contributing to the fund, including credit card payments and matching gift donations, contact Cecile Gilmer at (435) 797-0178.