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Dear Students, Alumni, and Friends,

The profound changes we are experiencing surely highlight the importance of our work as faculty, students and staff in the Department of English.  Many of us are learning how to communicate using systems devised and studied by our Technical Communication faculty; others are teaching and learning with new pedagogical strategies, the focus of our English Education program.  Some of us may process the calamity creatively by writing poetry, fiction, or personal narrative; some might track gossip, rumor, and legend as they develop around the crisis; some will return to the imaginative literature that, across time and from diverse perspectives, explores what it means to be human, especially in times of stress and crisis.  What we do matters, now more than ever.   

Please know that the faculty of the English Department are working remotely to deliver quality instruction online while showing compassion and flexibility for students whose lives have been upended by COVID-19.   Faculty can be reached via email or Canvas.   Our dedicated staff are still working remotely to keep the business of the Department going; please call the main office number for assistance, 435-797-2733.

Our hearts go out to all of you in these unprecedented times. 

English News

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