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Publications and Media

May Swenson Poetry Path Brochure

The May Swenson Poetry Path is an initiative by the Department of English. It chronicles the life of well-known poet (and Logan native) May Swenson, including such sites as her grave, Logan High School (where she graduated in 1930), and the Bear Lake Scenic Overlook, where one of her poems is displayed. The brochure was designed by Undergraduate Research Fellow Marissa Shirley, with the support of a scholarship from the Cache Valley Historical Society.

The Digital Folklore Project

The Digital Folklore Project (DFP) is a virtual research and tracking center hosted by Utah State University's Department of English, Folklore Program, and Fife Folklore Archives in the Merrill-Cazier Library. The DFP tracks digital folklore trends (such as urban legends, Internet memes, hashtags, vines, and other trending items) on an annual basis. The DFP is dedicated to the documentation and study of this influential and growing cultural form. It creates digital depositories of this online lore and makes its annual findings publicly available regarding the most significant types of digital folklore for the calendar year.

Sink Hollow

Established by students and faculty at Utah State University, Sink Hollow is an online journal of quality works that offers undergraduate writers an opportunity for recognition and publication. 

USU Creative Writing Contest

In recent years, the magazine of the USU Creative Writing Contest has been Scribendi. Beginning in 2017, winners of the USU Creative Writing Contest will be published in a special contest issue of Sink Hollow, Utah State University's Undergraduate Literary Magazine.


The college’s alumni magazine focuses on the happenings on campus and around the world by the school’s faculty, students, and graduates. Liberalis is published twice a year by the Dean’s Office and available online.

Voices of USU: An Anthology of Student Writing

Voices of USU is an annual publication of undergraduate research writing, most of which first presented at the Citizen Scholar Conference. The anthology is assembled by a team of students and faculty, and used as a textbook in English 2010 classes.