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Honors Program

The English Department faculty welcomes all current and prospective students to the USU Honors Program! Students who want to experience greater academic depth within their major are encouraged to enroll in departmental honors. Through original, independent work, Honors students enjoy the benefits of close supervision and mentoring, as they work one-on-one with faculty in select upper-division departmental courses. Honors students also complete a senior project, which provides another opportunity to collaborate with faculty on a problem that is significant, both personally and in the student’s discipline.

For details on USU Honors requirements, including the application process, please visit the USU Honors Website.
For all other questions - and to have your Honors Contracts approved - please contact Dr. Holt or Dr. Kinkead.

Dr. Keri Holt

Associate Professor of English
Office: Ray B. West 204E
Phone: (435) 797-8946


Dr. Joyce Kinkead
Professor of English
Office: Ray B. West 309
Phone: (435) 797-1706