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Undergraduate Programs

English Major Emphases

English Teaching

English Teaching

As the largest and most comprehensive English Education program in Utah's higher education, the English Teaching Emphasis at Utah State University prepares students to enter the field of secondary education with confidence and experience.

Technical Communication and Rhetoric

Technical Communication and Rhetoric

Technical communication is a field that involves defining, creating, and delivering complex information to those who need to accomplish a defined task or goal. 



The Literature Emphasis combines the pleasure of reading literature with the challenge of mastering valuable skills such as writing, editing, speaking, logical and critical analysis, argumentation and research.

Creative Writing

Creative Writing

The Creative Writing Emphasis at Utah State University offers a nurturing community for writers. Through practice in all genres—fiction, poetry, and creative nonfiction—and a comprehensive study of literature, students learn the art of literary writing and develop critical, cognitive, and writing skills applicable in numerous professional fields.


Apache cave painting

American Studies

Housed in the English department, the American Studies program offers an interdisciplinary bachelor’s degree that allows students to study American culture (North or South America) from a wide range of subjects and disciplinary perspectives. 

Folklore students

Folklore Online Minor

Folklore is the study of informally learned, traditional expressive culture and artistic communication. A primary emphasis in folklore studies is on tradition and the way tradition manifests in the modern world.

Medieval Castle

Certificate in Medieval and Early Modern Studies

The Area Studies Program in Medieval and Early Modern Studies offers undergraduates and graduates at Utah State University the exceptional opportunity for interdisciplinary scholarship on the history and culture of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance.

Composition student


Each year, top student writers from English 2010 are invited by their peers to perform readings of their work for the greater university community. These students are considered for cash prizes and publication in an anthology Voices: On Stage and In Print.