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Research Centers

Creative Learning Environments Lab

The Creative Learning Environments Lab (CLE) provides faculty and students with a creative outlet to explore new topics of interest through advanced technological means. The lab is a dedicated space of interdisciplinary emphasis within the Department of Instructional Technology and the Center for Open and Sustainable Learning. CLE is comprised of educators and students dedicated to researching educational applications of rich sensory-based technological media.


Fife Folklore Archives

The Fife Folklore Archives is one of the largest repositories of American folklore in the United States. Established in 1972, the archives are an integral part of USU's cultural studies arena. The Fife Folklore Archives is named for folklorists Austin E. and Alta S. Fife, Utahns who helped shape the field of folklore and worked to preserve the folk expressions of the American West. The FFA is home to more than 40 collections, including student fieldwork collections, oral history collections and Austin and Alta Fife's fieldwork collections. The FFA is part of Utah State University's Special Collections and Archives where the historical American Folklore Society Manuscript Collection is housed.


May Swenson Project

Anna Thilda May Swenson was born at the base of Old Main Hill in 1913 and studied English at USU, graduating in 1934. She went on to publish 11 books of poetry and won the prestigious MacArthur Fellowship, also known as the ‘Genius Grant’ in 1987. The purpose of the May Swenson Project is to raise awareness and scholarship of her work at USU and beyond. Over the years, students have partnered with faculty members to research Swenson and develop forums for community and scholarly engagement.


USU’s Native Memory Project

The mission of the Native Memory Project is to collect, record, archive, and preserve stories of place and other forms of expression that reflect the values and traditions that describe—in their own words—the cultural landscape and histories of native peoples. NMP is a partnership between the Interactive Media Research Laboratory at USU’s Department of English and the university’s Fife Folklore Archives. Professor Jeannie B. Thomas co-directs the project.