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USU Creative Writing Contest

The USU Creative Writing Contest is open to all USU students from all departments and majors. Each year, the contest receives hundreds of entries, and the judging is often competitive and close, so we want to thank and congratulate all the students who have participated. We urge all USU students to cultivate their talent and to keep writing--for love of the word and the craft. The submission deadline each year is the first week in February. See the Submission Instructions below for more details.

Sink Hollow

In recent years, the magazine of the USU Creative Writing Contest has been Scribendi. Below you can find links to past years’ issues. Beginning in 2017, winners of the USU Creative Writing Contest will be published in a special contest issue of Sink Hollow.

Submission Instructions

2020 USU Creative Writing and Art Contest Winners



FIRST: Michelle Hartvigsen, Trompe L'oeil 

SECOND: Nikki Christensen, Dragon

THIRD: Amy Larsen, Walking on Water

HONORABLE MENTION: Amber Healey, Broken Light #4; Michelle Hartvigsen, Back Again, Another Life, Despondent, Window View; Nikki Christensen, Desert Snow, Forgotten Spring; Amy Larsen, Bomagotchi girl, Reflection of Field Worker



FIRST: Andrew Romriell, Children of the World

HONORABLE MENTION: Andrew Romriell, Into the Mountain, Spiraling, Swift, Winter Mists




FIRST: Justyn Hardy, In the Narrows South of Thayne 

SECOND: Madison Silva, Good Will 

THIRD: Claire Atwood, Take Once a Day



FIRST: Niyonta Nahia Chowdhury-Magaña, Brickland Redgreen

SECOND: Andrew Romriell, An Easy, 10-Step Guide to Painting Addiction

THIRD: Tyler Hurst, The Processor




FIRST: Marie Skinner, Slant Etymology 

SECOND: Amrutha Obulasetty, The Best Shade of Brown 

THIRD: Madison Silva, Conversion 



FIRST: Andrew Romriell, A Re-established Poetic Dictionary of the Voiceless 

SECOND: Alyssa Witbeck Alexander, Starved 

THIRD: Kelsie Peterson, Rites of Passage 




FIRST: Justyn Hardy, Losing Virginity, Wyoming, My Thirty-Aught-Six

SECOND: Jordan Forest, Grief, The Wicked Witch is Dead, Oracle Bones

THIRD: Jacob Taylor, Doctor, All the Ones I Cannot Love, This is Me



FIRST: Britt Allen, Mastectomy, January, Domesticated

SECOND: Niyonta Nahia Chowdhury-Magaña, Dinner Time: Kurigram, 1971, Goodnight Sweetheart, How to Kill a Brown Mouse

THIRD: Andrew Romriell, 3am Considerations, I Like to Sweep, When he asks How are you?

The online versions of the past and present magazines are available to the USU community from the links below:

2020 Sink Hollow Contest Issue

2018 and 2019: Sink Hollow Contest Issue

Scribendi 2017

Scribendi 2016

Scribendi 2015

Scribendi 2014

Scribendi 2013

Scribendi 2012

Scribendi 2011

Scribendi 2010

Scribendi 2009

Scribendi 2008