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From left to right and top to bottom are as follows: Faye Haynes, Emily Crumpton, Mckenzie Livingston, Melissa Allen, Kylie Schroeder, Geneva Harline, Sherena Huntsman, Bacon Nivison,  Deanna Allred, Lynne McNeill, Jennifer Scucchi, Bethany Hanks, Jeannie Thomas, Bre Jacobsen, Carol Hatch (Naomie Barnes not pictured).

The Digital Folklore Project's Research Team is made up of graduate students at Utah State University. While the DFP enthusiastically crowdsources materials from all over the world (encouraging both professional and amateur digital ethnographers to tweet about trends they've spotted using the hashtag #DigitalTrendOfTheYear), the Research Team performs the core of both field research and ballot preparation for the Digital Trend Of the Year competition. The research team tweets regularly and draws up monthly field notes about their observations, notes that will be preserved along with the twitter feeds in the archival holdings of the Fife Folklore Archives at USU. Through these efforts, the DFP hopes to preserve and present to researchers an on-the-ground perspective on digital everyday life through time. At the end of the year, the Research Team is responsible for preparing the ballot that the distinguished panelists will use to vote and comment on the nominees for the Digital Trend of the Year. The Research Team is the heart of the DFP; their efforts shape our ongoing understanding of our digital experiences.