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Concurrent Enrollment Conference 2017


English 1010 Concurrent Enrollment Conference on Campus

The Composition Program in the Department of English hosted a conference for those teaching English 1010 through concurrent enrollment on Thursday, April 27, 2017. Led by Professor Brock Dethier, the meeting focused on how English 1010 is taught on campus and how it relates to its sister course, English 2010. Almost three dozen secondary school teachers offer English 1010 through this program so that high school students may complete the course prior to entry to the university. Teachers represented Logan, Mountain Crest, Sky View, Ridgeline, Box Elder, Bear River, In-Tech, and Rich schools.

The teachers attending offered how they achieve English 1010 goals in a high school setting. They shared methods and approaches that have worked for them. The daylong conference also addressed the importance of writing, not just for academic purposes but also for life. The teachers in the program focus on preparing students to handle future writing tasks intelligently by analyzing assignment instructions and discourse communities as well as practicing new genres. The course is designed to help students understand how what they learn in English 1010 and 2010 provides foundational skills that should transfer to their writing in their majors. 

Joining the attendees were Dr. Patricia Gantt, who visits the schools on a regular basis, and Sherena Huntsman and Hailey Cragin, who have been working as assistant directors this past year, oversaw arrangements. The new assistant directors, Keoki Kemp and Jessica Cushenberry, also provided crucial help.

The conference has been offered several times in the spring. It’s an important event for maintaining communication and community among those who teach in USU’s Composition Program. Professor Gantt said, “It was a very helpful gathering and a real success. Networking and sharing are applauded by the teachers.”