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chris gonzalez

Christopher González is an Associate Professor of English and the Founding Director of the Latinx Cultural Center at Utah State University in Logan, Utah. He also maintains a blog, covering topics such as current issues and book reviews. With his experience and knowledge of Latinx culture, he covers Latinx narratives across media, including film, literature, television, comics, and pop culture. 

You can check out his blog and other materials on his website.


Here is a little more information about Dr. González from his site:
"My name is Chris, but some people call me Christopher. Others call me professor or Dr. González. I am a deep-rooted Texan with connections to the flatlands of the west Texas Llano Estacado, the San Antonio area, the north Houston area, and the Dallas area. Central Ohio also holds a special place in my heart thanks to my doctoral work, and I am currently at the tippy-top of Utah (I can almost see Idaho from my house). My work and expertise are on Latinx narratives across media, which includes film, literature, television, comics, and pop culture. I write and comment on these areas of Latinx cultural production, and I am consistently working to bring more nuanced attention and exposure to Latinx narratives. I also try to uncover hidden histories of Latinx storytelling and critique the obstacles and barriers such writers and artists face. My 2017 book, Permissible Narratives: The Promise of Latino/a Literature, received Honorable Mention in the 2018 Perkins Prize, awarded to the book that makes the most significant contribution to the study of narrative in a given year. I am currently an associate professor of English at Utah State University, where I also serve as director of the Latinx Cultural Center. I received a bachelor’s from Sam Houston State University, a master’s from Texas A&M University-Commerce, and a PhD from The Ohio State University. I am married and have two teen daughters. I invite you to check out my work and to follow my blog."