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English Department Awards


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Outstanding Undergraduate Student

Donnie CorwinEmma HallockJared GheenNate HardyCarrigan Price

Donnie Corwin, American Studies:

Donnie Corwin is graduating from the American Studies program with a double major in Communication Studies. He has been an exemplary spokesperson for the American Studies program, establishing and leading the American Studies student club and working hard to recruit students to the major. He also actively participated on USU’s competitive debate team. He is currently applying to graduate school and looks forward to continuing his career in higher education.


Emma Hallock, Literature: The Literature faculty admires Emma Hallock as a sophisticated critical thinker and writer; her sharp, insightful essays consistently take course arguments in new directions.  In addition, we appreciate her academic commitment as an Honors student, Teaching Fellow, and active member of Sigma Tau Delta. She has also served as the representative for the College of Humanities and Social Sciences on the Honors Student Advisory Board for the past two years.

Jared Gheen, Technical Communication:
Jared Gheen stood out among his peers not only for his creativity and excellent work but also his maturity and awareness of his own positionality. He is a self-starter; he enjoys challenging himself; he’s enthusiastic and confident; and he can collaborate effectively with a wide range of people.

Nate Hardy, Creative Writing:
The Creative Writing faculty would like to honor Nate Hardy for his high academic achievement, as well as his active engagement within the creative writing program and the wider literary community. Specifically the faculty had this to say about Nate’s incredible achievements: “Nate’s creative passion and centrality in the writing community are eclipsed only by his enormous heart. A beautiful writer, a soul-soaring musician, and a joy of a student, Nate is a light that burns bright in the world to illuminate all that surrounds him.” Nate is a committed artist who models every day what it means to work hard in the service of art. He leaves for LA later this summer to follow his music. You can catch his soon-to-be-released album at Sol Hardy on Spotify.

Carrigan Price, English Education:
Carrigan is graduating with a major in English teaching and a minor in History teaching. Carrigan is an active member of USU’s Honor’s program, a poetry editor for Sink Hollow, the on-campus literary magazine, and she also works as a writing tutor in the USU Writing Center and Writing Fellows program. Her research, published in USU Digital Commons, is comprised of the Tutor’s Column “Professionalism in the Writing Center: Combining Compassion and Composition”; “The Women’s Movement in Utah” digital exhibit; and student folklore fieldwork. Eventually, she plans to earn a master’s degree in English and curriculum and assessment design to create inclusive, rigorous curriculum at the state level.

Faculty, Teaching, and Research Awards

Shane GrahamTeacher of the Year:
Shane Graham

Lynne McNeillResearcher of the Year:
Lynne McNeill 

Robb KunzLecturer of the Year: 
Robb Kunz

Rosa ThornleyAdjunct Teacher of the Year:
Rosa Thornley 

Dustin CrawfordGraduate Faculty Mentor of the Year:
Dustin Crawford

Sara JohnsOutstanding Employee of the
Year: True Blue:

Sara Johns

Avery EdenfieldUndergraduate Faculty Mentor of the Year (not research focused):
Avery Edenfield

Em JamesMaster’s Student
Researcher of the Year:

Em James

Joyce KinkeadUndergraduate Research
Mentor of the Year:
Joyce Kinkead

Cana Uluak ItchuaqiyaqDoctoral Student
Researcher of the Year:

Cana Uluak Itchuaqiyaq

Susie ParkinsonOutstanding Employee of the Year:
Light of Old Main:

Susie Parkinson

Shaun AndersonGraduate Student
Instructor of the Year:

Shaun Anderson

Justyn Hardy

Undergraduate Researcher
of the Year:

Justyn Hardy

Keri HoltEnglish Department
Service Award:

Keri Holt

Lezlie Christensen BranumEnglish Department nominee for the CHaSS Giraffe Award:
Lezlie Christensen Branum