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Beth Shirley and Jared Colton Publish Article in Journal

Congratulations to Beth Shirley and Jared Colton who have an article published in the Present Tense journal.

The editors at Present Tense welcome you to Volume 6, Issue 1. This issue features a broad range of topics, but despite their diversity, the articles share a common thread of embodiment and affect, two key areas toward which much current rhetorical scholarship is directed. While explicit theories of embodiment and affect frame just a few of these essays, all of them reflect the centrality of bodies and emotion in social and political discourse.

Volume 6.1 includes the following article:

Beth Shirley and Jared S. Colton’s “The Moral Act of Attributing Agency to Nonhumans: What Can Horse ebooks tell us about Rhetorical Agency?”

beth shirley

jared colton

Beth Shirley
Jared Colton