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Graduate Students and Alum Give "Table Talks" at Annual Folklore Society of Utah Conference


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Congratulations goes out to folklore graduate students Kylie Schroeder and Geneva Harline, who gave roundtable talks on their research at the annual Folklore Society of Utah conference on Saturday, Nov. 19. Table talks are a new format, where presenters talk to participants about their research, rather than giving formal papers, which allows for more interaction between presenters and audience members.   Kylie Schroeder presented her research on the youtube video “After Ever After,” examining the popular multi-track parody of Disney songs.  An additional congratulations goes out to Kylie, as her entry also won the conference’s graduate student prize.  Geneva Harline presented her research on PTSD, stigma, and memes, which also was well received.   Finally, It was also great to see alumni Lori Lee and David Giles give table talks; Lee has launched a new podcast called “Love Your Story,” while Giles presented his research on folk strategies in video games.  John Sillitoe of Weber State University  gave a great keynote lecture about his longstanding research on Joe Hill, and a good time was had by all.