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Professor Delivers Talk at Undergraduate Research Conference

Joyce Kinkead, Professor of English, delivered an invited presentation on "Undergraduate Research and the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning in the Humanities and Writing Studies," held in Los Angeles, October 12-14, 2016. Co-sponsored by the Council on Undergraduate Research and the International Society on the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (ISSoTL), the daylong workshop featured several speakers from across the United States focusing on the intersections between student research and teaching and learning.

Dr. Kinkead said, "I was able to showcase several instances of independent and curriculum-based research in my presentation." The work done by Marissa Shirley on the May Swenson Poetry Path project demonstrated her growth from a research assistant helping Kinkead on her recently published book, Researching Writing.

Then Kinkead highlighted several course-focused projects, including a research methods course that resulted in Sara Calicchia being published in Young Scholars in Writing, a journal of undergraduate research in rhetoric and writing. The Honors Think Tank course on Sustainability, taught spring 2016 and to be repeated spring 2017, featured several student projects, including the curated show, "Growing West: Exploring Art and Agriculture"; digital exhibits; and a production of Seedfolks with Hillcrest fourth graders.

Kinkead said, "The scholarship of teaching and learning suggests that we should share our approaches broadly." Working with Alexa Sand, Associate Professor of Art History, and several librarians who oversaw the digital exhibits project, Kinkead co-wrote an article on how curating exhibitions qualify as undergraduate research, which will appear in CUR Quarterly. Two additional articles are in submission that describe other projects.

"It was a worthwhile conference," Kinkead reported. "I came away with several ideas that will add to my own teaching and scholarly work.” The 2017 meeting of ISSOTL will take place in October in Calgary, Canada.