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Faculty and Students Present at the Rocky Mountain Modern Language Association Convention


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The department was well represented at the 70th Annual Rocky Mountain Modern Language Association Convention, held in Salt Lake City October 6–8, 2016. 

Several current faculty members presented papers:
Alan Blackstock, “Rooms with/out Views: The Poetics of Space in Howards End and The Professor’s House.”
Christine Cooper-Rompato, “Measuring Space and Time in The Prick of Conscience and the South English Legendary.”
Keith A. Grant-Davie, “Building Communities of Inquiry and Leading Effective Discussions in Online Classes through Tactical Questions and Comments.”
Several current doctoral students presented papers:
Chris Dayley, “Increasing Diversity in TPC: Motivational Factors for Students Choosing TPC Programs.”
Sherena Huntsman and Carrie Ann K. Johnson, Iowa State University (a former master’s student in our department), “Women Have Always Played: Degendering Play History and Game Rhetoric.”
Beth J. Shirley, “Ethical Agency: New Materialism as a Mode for Effective Climate Change Communication.”
Jennifer Scucchi, “Put Yourself in Their Shoes: Empowering Technical Communication Students With a Pedagogy of Empathy.”
Several of the department’s former graduate students also presented papers:
Tom Ballard, Iowa State University, “Exploring the Relationship between the Classical and ReaderCentric Styles: The Elocutio of Microsoft Edge.”
Steve Harrison, Idaho State University, “Ghostwriting in the Sky?: When American Indian Authors’ Works Pass Through Editor\’s Hands.”
Kevin Holdsworth, Snow College. “Selected reading in prose.”
Randy Jasmine, Dixie State University. “‘Quite Out of the Reach and Ken of Ordinary Mortals’: Dickens’s Thorny Views of Class and Privilege in Bleak House.”
Ryan Monk, Independent Scholar, “Mad Max is my Co-Pilot: Mad Max as a Christ Figure and the Feminist Usurpation of a Masculine Franchise.”
Emily January Petersen, Brigham Young University. “A Pioneer of Distance Education: Anna Eliot Ticknor’s Administration of The Society to Encourage Studies at Home.”
Diantha Smith, Idaho State University. “‘It’s All Geek to Me!’: How (and Why) to Teach Academic Vocabulary in Composition Classes.”
Jennifer Sorensen, Southern Utah University. “Tradition and Techniques: Tips to Keep Writing Students Engaged on Canvas.”
Sarah Vause, Weber State University, “History and Narrative: Neo-Slavery in the United States.”

Beth Shirley
Beth Shirley

Jen Scucchi
Jennifer Scucchi 

 Chris Dayley

Chris Dayley