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Emeritus Professor Coralie Beyers Passes

Coralie Beyers, who taught in the English Department from 1965 to 1988, passed away February 17, 2017. In addition to teaching American literature, Honors classes, and composition, she contributed papers to the Western American Literature Association and the American Popular Culture Association. She edited and published Man Meets Grizzly (Houghton Mifflin, 1980), which is her maternal grandfather's collection of bear experiences encountered during the settling of the American Western frontier, including the tale of "Old Ephraim." She contributed two selections to the Utah writers' centennial anthology Great and Peculiar Beauty.

Professor Joyce Kinkead, who knew Coralie as a colleague, said, “My favorite memory of Coralie is her 1982 paper on The Manly-Hearted Woman presented at the 1982 Western Literature Association meeting. It was a tour de force performance on the “Literary Offenses” panel, an annual set of papers that used Mark Twain style humor to skewer authors. She brought the house down and was awarded the infamous Willa Pilla for best paper.”

Following her retirement, she focused on researching and editing her paternal grandfather's book Chasing Common Sense: A Boy's Life on the Last Frontier to be published by the University of Utah Press). Donations in her honor may be made to the Department of English.


The full obituary for Coralie McCarty Beyers can be found here: