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Intern Spotlight: Braden Steel


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Braden Steel, an undergraduate here at Utah State University, was an intern for the More Good Foundation—an organization that promotes LDS material. Specifically, Braden worked with MormonHub, a news outlet similar to Buzzfeed, as a content writer developing original content. Braden also had the amazing opportunity to meet, interview, and write about famous members of the LDS faith.

Through this experience, Braden was able to expand his knowledge about the field of content writing in general as well as learn more about WordPress to strengthen his resume. “Working in this capacity really showed me how much there is to learn outside of the university level,” Braden writes.

During his time as an intern, Braden discovered his ability to create content that people are willing and eager to read. He also learned how to work remotely all while communicating effectively with others. This experience also strengthened, and somewhat tested, his ability to finish projects before deadlines.

Braden also discussed how his internship experience affected his future career plans. “This experience has definitely showed me that I want to write full-time for my career,” he explains. “It's shown me that there's more to writing than just writing novels, short stories, and poetry. Writing is a huge field, and I am very excited to be in it in any capacity.”

When asked what advice he would give to prospective interns, Braden proudly proclaimed, “DEFINITELY DO IT! I can't stress how important it is to get out there and work as an intern. There is nothing that can replace experience in the workplace.”