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Intern Spotlight: Jordan Floyd


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Jordan Floyd had the opportunity to intern for two organizations during his time as a Utah State University undergrad. Originally, he interned for USU’s creative writing contest where his responsibilities included managing public relations, soliciting contest submissions, assisting in the contest logistics, and eventually editing the winning submissions for publication in Scribendi, USU’s former student literary magazine.

After his work with the creative writing contest, Jordan interned for Salt Lake City Weekly, Utah’s Independent Newspaper. There, Jordan worked as a reporter for the news section writing articles for both the online site and the physical publication. “My desk was right next to the two full-time reporters' desk. I was a few steps away from each of the editors' offices and only a few more steps away from the magazine publisher's office. It was the ‘real deal,’ so to speak,” Jordan said. City Weekly, the second largest circulating new publication in the state, imposed a powerful sense of stress. “I liked that stress, though--that ‘need’ to perform,” Jordan said. “It's something I've felt in classrooms, but not nearly as intensely as I felt it at City Weekly.”

Jordan said that initially he lacked the writing skills to produce the amount of content expected at City Weekly. However, the many opportunities to write in combination with continual positive feedback from other writers, editors, and even a few readers convinced Jordan that he had the skills to write at a professional level. “I can’t deny the confidence it instilled in me,” he says. “The internship experience made we want to work harder than I ever have to develop my craft, and hell, to maybe reach an apex one day in my ability to write.”

Jordan also discussed how his internship experiences affected future career plans. He said his experience with City Weekly has deterred him from pursuing a career in a daily newspapers altogether, but his internship for the USU Creative Contest solidified his interests and career plans. Jordan says “at Scribendi, specifically, I found that working in the literary community is where I want to be—which, I guess, confirmed the beliefs I already had about my career.”

When asked what advice he had for those considering an internship, Jordan reflected back to speech given by his “good ol’ friend” Ashton Kutcher during a teen choice awards show. “The thesis, so to speak, of his speech is this line: ‘I believe that opportunity looks a lot like hard work.’ That right there is what I would say to students looking into internships. If you get an internship, work your ass off and do it with some passion.”