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USU English Professor Opens Up On New Memoir

Saving a baby brother from being seriously injured in a fall. Heartbreak after knowing a favorite childhood record has been destroyed. Being dropped off at the school bully’s birthday party instead of a friend’s. The disappointment of learning, as a child, you did not actually put back together that chocolate cake on your first birthday.

These are some of the moments USU English Professor Jennifer Sinor shares about her life in her book “Ordinary Trauma: A Memoir.” The 279-page book, first conceived when Sinor was a doctoral student at the University of Michigan, examines life events that “typically pass unnoticed form the very basis for our perceptions of both love and loss,” according to the book summary. “Ordinary Trauma” was released earlier this year by University of Utah Press.

Sinor, who grew up a Navy brat crisscrossing America from Hawaii to the nation’s capital, has taught creative writing at USU since 2000.

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