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John Engler Teaches Workshops at USU's Annual Pre-Med Retreat


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Senior Lecturer, John Engler taught a set of workshops at USU's annual Pre-Med Retreat.

The event is organized to help prepare USU undergraduates come to get a better grasp on the field of medicine and the process of applying to med school. Competition to get into med schools is stiff (an average acceptance rate of less than 3% at most schools), and the rigors of coursework and residency are demanding, so students are taking matters into their own hands to become better prepared.

The retreat was organized by USU's Pre-Med Club. Over 75 students attended the three-day retreat, which included activities like a tour of McKay Dee Hospital, a visit to the School of Medicine at the University of Utah, a service project to deliver care packages to nursing homes, several panels with local physicians, and workshops by a number of educational and medical professionals, capped off by a keynote address at dinner in the Skyroom by Dr. Wayne Samuelson, M.D., Vice Dean of Education at the University of Utah School of Medicine.

Engler's workshop was titled "Make It or Break It," and focused on the value of the med school application's Personal Statement as the way for applicants to distinguish themselves from their highly-accomplished peers. As students rotated through 4 afternoon workshops, Engler led each group through a series of exercises designed to help them study, design, and write strong statements that reflect their unique set of life experiences and their vision for a future in medicine.