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English Professor Publishes Writing Center Article


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Professor Joyce Kinkead

Professor Joyce Kinkead’s essay, “The Writing Center Director as Archivist: The Documentation Imperative,” appears in the May/June 2017 issue of WLN: A Journal of Writing Center Scholarship. The article originated as a keynote address to the South Central Writing Centers Association. Kinkead said, “I believe that we are in time of what I might term the documentation imperative. I started working in writing centers almost 40 years ago and helped found the national organization. Is the work of writing centers documented at local and national levels? In this article, I call for an all-out effort to record writing center histories.” 

Kinkead was a charter board member of the national writing centers group and served as its executive secretary as well as co-editing with Jeanette Harris The Writing Center Journal. 

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