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Lynne McNeill Interviewed on the Love Your Story Podcast


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Lynne McNeill (Folklorist) Interviewed on the "Love Your Story" Podcast

Stories are models of how to live.  We often look to how others do things in order to determine how we should do things. Stories are often the vehicle in which these models are exchanged. Today we learn that when our life stories don’t turn out in a way that fits our cultural models we can listen to stories from others to find additional worthwhile ways to create our lives. Today I interview Lynne McNeill, a professor of Folklore at Utah State University. Come along and listen to her considerable expertise in story and what we can learn from becoming aware of our stories, the stories of those around us, and the co-creation of meaning that results.

Interview by:  Lori Lee (Graduate of the Folklore Masters Program at USU)

Podcast Interview: Lynne McNeill, Utah State University, English Department

    See her TEDx talk here: