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Millie Tullis Selected to Present at Ignite USU

Several student researchers from the College of Humanities and Social Sciences were selected to present at Ignite USU.  Ignite is USU's premier student speaking event and Research Week's culminating event.  Students will discuss how they draw strength from intersecting their research and passion.

Congratulations to Millie Tullis who was selected from the Department of English!

The Talk

Millie’s Ignite talk is a story of how sexual assault and trauma shaped her research of Sylvia Plath and how it ultimately shaped Millie. Being raped split her life in half. It changed everything she wrote and everything she read. Reading Sylvia Plath comforted, confused and complicated the way Millie saw her own life and trauma.

About Millie

Millie Tullis is a student of Creative Writing, Philosophy and Women and Gender Studies at Utah State University. She recreationally studies feline breeds and hypothesizes what her own cat is a mix of (half Maine Coon, quarter Ragdoll-long hair, quarter Himalayan perhaps?). She has published 16 poems, four creative nonfiction essays and one short story. Her poem “2:17 pm. Phone call before wisdom teeth extraction” won The Sandy River Review’s 2015 undergraduate poetry contest. Her flash nonfiction piece “Initiation” took first place for flash in The League of Utah Writer’s annual contest. The poem “Should:” won the Elizabeth R. Curry Poetry Prize in 2016 and was published in SLAB. In 2017, 25 chapbooks were made of her poetry as part of the Elizabeth R. Curry Poetry Prize. She has received two creative opportunity grants to study the poetry, journals, stories and art of the American poet Sylvia Plath. In 2016, she won the Peak Prize for being Utah State University’s Undergraduate Researcher of the Year. She enjoys not reading the news and occasionally eating “right.” She watches musicals with her fiancé in Logan, Utah.