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Sink Hollow Publishes Special USU Creative Writing Contest Issue


Sink Hollow has just published its inaugural special USU Creative Writing Contest issue, featuring the work of the winning entries in the 2017 writing and art contest. The issue can be accessed at

2017 USU Creative Writing Contest Winners


First: Abi Newhouses          How We Fall
Second: Brandyn Hawkes   Cost of Steel
Third: Andrew Simpson   I am Your Messiah
First: Kyle Pyfer
Second: Justin Smith
  Genesis 1:26
Third: Millie Tullis
  Her Body as Petals
First: Andrew Romriell   Painting a One-Night, Release, The Pulp On Which We Write
Second: Millie Tullis      Tradition, Grocery Store Line, A Month Ago I killed  Mouse
Third: Chris Davis    Modern Poetry, Observation Log 11/08/2016, You'll Know It When You Find It
First: Kathryn Christian   Breach
Second: Anastasia Lugo Mendez   Ghost Light
Third: Keoki Kemp      Desert Rats
First:   Keoki Kemp       Faux Fire Starter
Second:    Shay Larsen    Cloven

First:   McKenzie Livingston
  Kindling, Sustenance, and Science
Second:   Lauren Ducas    Travels Through the Southwest with The Greatest Dr Zen and the Guardian Alien; Nehallenia's Temple is Buried by the Tide; To Live in the House Where Your Brother Died
Third:   Kathryn Christian                 Carp, Love Song on the Quad, A Walk with a Distant Lover on Cannon Beach



ART Winners

First:    Bailee Jones Mask
Second:   Natsumi Then Shimazaki Cyclops Tropics & Lofticries
Third:    Chris Davis Burano Windows
Honorable Mention    
  Chris Davis  Forest Focus
  Bailee Jones                  Inquietude, Sister, Not Sunday
  Natsumi Then Shimazaki cinem v lese parts 1+2, Blending in Nature: Natural and Urban Coalescence
  Luke Lemon  Dog Days are Over 1, 2, 3, +5
  Janet E Allen-Hancock       ALTPolarVortex
First: Lauren Ducas Near Haystack Rock, Cannon Beach, Oregon
Second: Lauren Ducas  Sunset at Bear Lake, Utah
Third: Hailey Cragun  Brush Curve