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Afsane Rezaei

Afsane Rezaei

Assistant Professor

Contact Information

Office Location: Logan (RWST 207)


Dr. Rezaei is an assistant professor of English who has been at Utah State University since 2020. Her research addresses the intersections of folklife, gender, religion, and politics, particularly in the Middle East and its diaspora in the US. Her research interests include folklore and new media, vernacular religion, and feminist folklore/anthropology, particularly relational and intersectional dynamics of agency in women’s shared performances and personal narratives. Her work on online political humor has appeared in New Directions in Folklore, and she has work forthcoming in the Journal of Middle East Women Studies based on her research on Iranian women's vernacular religious practices in Los Angeles.

Selected Publications and Creative Projects

Rezaei, Afsane. (Forthcoming) “The Ritual Fusion: Framing and Affect in Faith-Based Gatherings of Iranian Women in Los Angeles.” Journal of Middle East Women Studies
Rezaei, Afsane. (2017). “The Superman in a Turban”: Political Jokes in the Iranian Social Media. New Directions in Folklore, 14(1/2), 89-132. Access Link
Rezaei, Afsane, and Ehsan Estiri. (2018). The Taste of Samanu (ethnographic film). 45 mins.