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English Teaching Emphasis

As the largest and most comprehensive English Education program in Utah's higher education, the English Teaching emphasis at Utah State University prepares students to enter the field of secondary education with confidence and experience. The program offers a solid foundation in content area, a firm understanding of how theory and practice are connected, and the ability to meet the needs of our increasingly diverse student population.

The program offers courses that relate specifically to English teaching methods so that students do not have to wait until they start the Teaching Program in the College of Education to learn about teaching English. The English Education program prepares students towards professional licensure and preparation in the teaching of secondary-level English. Students become versed in their academic subject matter, skilled in the methods of teaching curriculum and classroom management techniques.  Students learn how to read research studies by professionals in the field and can also conduct research themselves. 

English 1410 is required of all English Education students. It is a prerequisite for many upper-division English courses and for admission to the teacher certification program. You should complete this requirement as soon as possible. You may either enroll in the course or you may take the challenge exam to opt out of the course. To pass the grammar exam requires a score of 80% or better. The exam is offered for a fee by the English Department and is available at the Writing Center at any time except for the first and last weeks of classes.

The English Teaching Composite emphasis does not require a teaching minor and gives students the option of a robust curriculum that pairs English Education courses with one of the three choices: American Studies, Literature, or Writing.  Students who opt for the English Teaching emphasis rather than the composite are required to complete a teaching minor. 

To teach in most public schools, you will need to be a certified teacher. Private schools can have different requirements. To become a certified teacher, though, you need to complete the program in Secondary Education as well, which requires an extra year of coursework. Students in the English Teaching major and minor may also apply to the Secondary Teacher Education Program (STEP) for licensure.

Secondary Teacher Education Program (STEP)

To receive a license to teach in the public school system, students in the English Teaching emphasis must also complete the 35-credit STEP administered through the Department of Secondary Education. The student enrolls in this three-semester sequence of courses after having completed nearly all teaching major and minor requirements and after having been granted full admission to the program, which entails meeting various admission criteria. 

Program Highlights

  • Small classes taught by award-winning faculty who publish in the field of English Education and remain involved in local schools.
  • Several courses aimed specifically at working with diverse populations are offered in the curriculum.
  • Students have several opportunities to learn and work in the schools, beginning with field experience in many English courses.
  • Career flexibility. While most graduates eventually become professional teachers, students may choose not to become certified and still earn a BA in English.

Major, minor offered
English Teaching 
English Teaching Composite: Writing
English Teaching Composite: Literature
Engish Teaching Composite: American Studies

Minor Requirements

Program Contacts:

Professor Joyce Kinkead
Phone: (435) 797-1706

Professor Sonia Manuel-Dupont

Phone: (435) 797-1340

Susie Parkinson
Phone: 435-797-3883