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Internships with the Department of English

The English Department Internship Program is designed to help students enrich their education, give them practical experience, prepare them for prospective employment and earn credit toward their degrees. Every semester English majors and minors work as interns on campus, in the local businesses, companies along the Wasatch Front and as far away as England, China and South America. 

The benefits from internships cannot be overstated. In many fields of study an internship is rapidly becoming an essential, often required, part of the educational process. Career experts can't stress enough the value of internships and how they can lead to great jobs. Employers are looking for more than good grades and the right credentials; they prefer employees who have had experience in the real world of work and see internships as a real differentiator, a symbol of maturity and competence.

Minimum Requirements

  • 75 credits or proven expertise in technical/professional writing or other writing/editing skills
  • 2.5 GPA (3.0 in English)
  • Resume and writing sample
  • Basic core classes in your emphasis
  • English 3400 and 3410 required for professional and technical writing majors.

InDesign and Adobe Photoshop are becoming almost essential if you want to find an internship in editing and publishing. English 3400, 3410, 4400 (Editing), 4410 (Document Design) or even 5420 (Publication Production) are open to all English majors.

How to Get Started

  • As soon as you feel qualified and at least one semester before you want to serve an internship, make an appointment with the Internship Coordinator, Shanan Ballam, RWST 410.
  • To set up an appointment, email
  • Bring a current resume with you to discuss possible opportunities.

Many students create their own internship or find a job that qualifies for internship credit.   If you have a job now that you think might qualify for internship credit check with Shanan for approval. You may sign up for more than one internship during your time at USU. English 4900 internship credits take the place of your elective credits and you can earn up to 15 credits.

Check with Shanan to make sure you are on the English major’s email list to receive immediate notification when an internship opportunity comes available. In addition, check the student employment board, and sign up with Career Services for their current job and internship announcements.

Statement of Objectives
Internship Daily Time Sheet  
Final Paper Guidelines  
Recent Employers


Internship Contact Information:

Shanan Ballam
Internship Coordinator
Department of English
RWST 410
Phone: 435.797.3697


USU Career Services
University Inn
Rm. 102, Ground Level