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Undergraduate Study

The English department is the largest humanities unit in the Utah State University system, offering specializations across a broad spectrum of study. After completing a set of core requirements, students must fulfill additional credit hours in one of four emphases. Literary Studies gives students knowledge and cultural context of the writers of American, British, and world literature. Professional and Technical Writing provides students with an understanding of writing and rhetoric in professional contexts. English Teaching establishes the materials and pedagogy needed for teaching secondary-level English in the public school system, and Creative Writing provides students with knowledge of the genres and craft of literary writing.

Additional Programs

The English department also offers an interdisciplinary major in American Studies. The program gives students the opportunity to explore American life and cultures while preparing them for careers in academic or professional fields. Students may also pursue minors in Folklore, English Teaching, and English (Standard Nonteaching).

Departmental Honors

Students who would like to experience greater academic depth within their major are encouraged to enroll in the English department’s honors program. Honors students enjoy the benefits of close supervision and mentoring as they work one-on-one with faculty in select upper-division departmental courses on individual, independent work.  Honors students also complete a senior project, which offers another opportunity to collaborate with faculty on a problem that is significant, both personally and in the student’s discipline. Participating in departmental honors enhances students’ chances for obtaining fellowships and admission to graduate school.

Additional Programs

  • Students must be majoring in English or in American Studies
  • A cumulative GPA of at least 3.3
  • A GPA in English courses (excluding ENGL 1010 and ENGL 2010) of at least 3.5

In order to earn a departmental honors degree, students must maintain these GPA levels, take 15 credits of approved upper-division English coursework for Honors credit, and complete and orally defend a Senior Honors Thesis.

Writing Fellows Program

Each semester, top students across the university are hired to serve as Writing Fellows assigned to work with students to revise their papers and help improve their writing. Writing Fellows assist with specific classes each semester and are paid a stipend for their editing services. The program helps students gain teaching experience and enhance their own writing skills.