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USU Creative Writing Contest

The USU Creative Writing Contest is open to all USU students from all departments and majors. Each year, the contest receives hundreds of entries, and the judging is often competitive and close, so we want to thank and congratulate all the students who have participated. We urge all USU students to cultivate their talent and to keep writing--for love of the word and the craft. The submission deadline each year is the first week in February. See the Submission Instructions below for more details.

Sink Hollow

In recent years, the magazine of the USU Creative Writing Contest has been Scribendi. Below you can find links to past years’ issues. Beginning in 2017, winners of the USU Creative Writing Contest will be published in a special contest issue of Sink Hollow.

Submission Instructions

2019 USU Creative Writing Contest Winners



First: Abby Stewart, Stung

Second: Jonah Allen, Deand End Job 

Third: Madison Silva, Stawberries and Lemon-Lickers

Creative Nonfiction

First: Marie Skinner, The Substance of Memory 

Second: Kylie Smith, Dearest Mother

Third: Kayla Berryman, Walls


First: Ashley Thompson,  “Everybody Apologizes Too Much (Or Not At All),” “Sexy Sale,” “She Reads Me Walt Whitman”

Second: Nate Hardy“Bluegrass,” “Caught," “Moved Through Today Like A Basquiat Painting”

Third: Justin Hardy“Letting It Go,” “Avalanche,” “Fold”


First: Mary Folsom, Growth

Second: Marcus Crapse, Love

Third: Kimberly Rimington, A New Beginning

Honorable Mentions: Marie Skinner- “Monkey”| Jessica McCulloch- “Yellowstone Sky”| Rylee Jensen,“Mine,” “Bask in Stardust,” “Succumb” | 
Adriana Castillo- “Capture My Good Side” | Kimberly Rimington-“Pipes” | Luke Lemmon-“Overhang” | Mackenzie Garrison- “Purple Gray” | Mary Folsom- “Home” | 
Sydney Thomas- “Abandoned”



First: Alyssa Witbeck Alexander, Pink Carnations

Second: Cree Taylor, Bottleneck

Third: Brady Maynes, A Strange Occurrence

Creative Nonfiction

First: Shaun Anderson, Debriefed

Second: Emily James, Drowned by Blue

Third: Alyssa Witbeck Alexander, Moments of impact


First: Stacie Denetsosie, “No End the Trail,” “Sinkolva, Prague,” “Apricot”

Second: Christopher Davis, "Stung While Sanding the House," "Having Cut Someone's String on the Bus," "A Tick Off"

Third: Emily James, “Surrogate Mother”; “Tobacco”; “If, Like Mario, I Recorded the Poetic”


First: Michelle Jones, Urban 
Second: Chris Davis, Framed 
Third: Michelle Jones, Scream 
Honorable Mention: Chris Davis, Backlit

2019 1st Place Art Winner: Mary Folsom, Growth 

The online versions of the past and present magazines are available to the USU community from the links below:

Scribendi 2017

Scribendi 2016

Scribendi 2015

Scribendi 2014

Scribendi 2013

Scribendi 2012

Scribendi 2011

Scribendi 2010

Scribendi 2009

Scribendi 2008