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Preparing an Effective Abstract

What is an abstract?

An abstract, in its most basic definition, is a short summary of a larger work. In the abstract you will submit for CSC, you will be summarizing one of the following: 1) a work you have already completed in English 2010, 2) one you are currently working on, or 3) one that you plan on completing by the semester’s end.

Abstract Requirements for submission to CSC

  • 100-250 words long
  • Summarize a project you have completed, are currently completing, or will complete in your English 2010 class

 Tips for Writing Effective Content

Summarize efficiently.

An abstract does not need to include extensive details. Consider the primary purpose of your project and summarize it in one sentence. This can form the first sentence of your abstract. From there, offer the reader a brief overview of how you plan to go about achieving your stated purpose.

Use concise language.

The language of the abstract, because it is short, must be precise. Use powerful, active vocabulary. Vary your sentence structure; eliminate unnecessary words. Share your main idea.

Engage your reader.

The reader of your abstract will be the selection committee for CSC. Not every abstract submitted to CSC will be accepted. As such, you want to appeal to that target audience. Consider what details from your writing project will engage the audience in less than one minute. What will make the selection committee consider your abstract?