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Information for Conference Presenters

Preparing an Oral Presentation

Presentation Format:

  • Presentations are 7-8 minutes long.
  • Must include a visual aid, such as a PowerPoint presentation.
  • Presentation sessions begin at 9a, with sessions at 10:30a, 12p, 1:30p, and 3p. Each 75 min. session will include 4-5 presentations (including your own).
  • A Q&A will follow every two presentations.
  • The session moderator will give you a two-minute warning.

Room Setup:

  • Arrive 10 minutes before your session to collect your name tag at the front desk, check your visual in your assigned room, and meet the moderator of your session.
  • Oral presentations are held in the Eccles Conference Center rooms 201/203, 205, 207.
  • You will be assigned a presentation room and time based on the times you marked as “available” when you submitted your abstract.
  • Each room is equipped with a PC computer, Microsoft PowerPoint, projector, projector screen, and presentation remote with a built-in laser pointer.
  • Prior to the conference, you will send your visual to The visual will be queued in the appropriate room on the day of your presentation.

Tips for Success:

  • Each presenter must have a visual aid.
  • Microsoft PowerPoint file (.ppt or .pptx) is required for the visual component of your presentation. If you use Google Slides or other presentation software to create your visual, you must save the presentation as a .ppt or a .pptx file.
  • Dress in business professional.
  • Attend your entire session. Being present for the entire session is also courteous to other presenters in your session.
  • Read through our “Best Presentation Practices” online training.
  • Attend the face-to-face Presenter Training Session.

Preparing a Poster Presentation

Presentation Format:

  • You will prepare, print, and deliver a poster to the CSC team before the day of the conference.
  • On the day of the conference, your poster will be displayed in the lobby of the Eccles Conference Center from 9a-3p.
  • You will “present” your poster during one of the four sessions, 9a, 10:30a, 12p, 1:30p. You will be assigned a session based on the times you marked as “available.”
  • During your session, conference attendees will be free to browse the posters and ask poster presenters questions one-on-one.

Poster Format

  • Poster should be no larger than 4’ x 3’.
  • You may use whatever software you are comfortable using to create your poster. We recommend using PowerPoint if you are unfamiliar with other design programs like InDesign.

Poster Printing

Printing is available in several campus locations including, and 
Publication Design and Production. You are also welcome to use any local printer as well. You must pay for your own printing.